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RESCALM  click here    For ordering: send order and address to info@lcsvitaal.nl

Most advanced HRV biofeedback mobile device for Android Phone. With ResCalm you can choose between 6 different breathing rhythms. It is important to find your own personal breathing rhythm in which breath and heart rhythm are resonating. Resonance in breath-heart rhythm effects a signal to the brain (amygdala): now there is safety, in which you can have optimal contact with yourself and with other people. It effects better concentration, quietness, focus and resilience.
Neuroscience in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with more than 20 years studies and more than 5000 scientific articles show that HRV is an excellent marker of the Autonomic Nervous System and Health, and HRVbiofeedback can bring a dysregulated stressfull mind and body in balance. Resonant breathing and longer exhalation than inhalation are the key for autonomic balance. Autonomic balance creates quietness, better concentration, better sleep and less anxiety.


Balance Manager - click here

Most avanced HRV-biofeedback device for Windows PC is Balance Manager. At your computerscreen you can see your mental and emotional state. Balance manager is a interactive learning system to train resilience/autonomic balance. This  instrument has a the simple  and effective breath pacer, with personal setting and showing clear graphics to represent the state of the autonomic nervous system. Sense en simplicity!  For sale (189 euro) in the webshop or with email to National Centre Stressmanagement:  info@lcsvitaal.nl.
In Balance Manager newest developments in research with HeartRateVariability biofeedback are integrated: private setting of the personal resonance frequency.
Longer exhalation than inhalation is also important in stressmanagement and important to avoid hyperventilation. Balance Manager creates feedback in emotion regulation processing and with this feedback (psycho)therapists can intervene more effectively and more safely. 

You can choose between Resilience Training with an elegant breathpacer or Resilience Test. Results show understandable graphs and figures: Balance, Resonance, Timeline of Autonomic Balance, Markers for special moments and a button for replay.
With the Resilience Test you do a HRVtest looking 5 minutes at nature pictures. The results show scientific results like HF, LF, VLF en LF/HF , but also understandable results like Action, Balance and Resonance.